Stuff Point

You guys can get a membership card for FREE if you go on Stuffpoint! I just joined and it’s actually really cool. I don’t think it’s a spam. Most people redeem something within a week so we could get some membership cards. Or maybe another cool pixie hollow prize. There’s a fan club for pixie hollow that we can join! Here’s the site: stuff


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I’m Back!

Finally after lots of distractions and a busy life I have the time to sit down and write a post! Recently I attended the mass of fairies waiting for the Fashion Spotlight judges. Here are some of the awesome outfits I saw!

There’s most of it! Now on to the latest news! We had some of the Pixie Post Office dresses released! Also the Never Dove Egg Hunt is in full gear and it’s almost time for Silly Days! Time for everyone to stock up on Fairytale Theater outfits and fly on over to the dye shops to pick up limited edition pastel dyes! You might also want to purchase a mermaid tail or a scuba outfit for the Mermaid Grotto. I will have a post fully dedicated to Mermaid Grotto when it comes out! Make a cute and fun outfit for when the mermaids come is really all I need to do! To find ideas I looked at the Pixie Pages of those Mermaid Fairies. Some outfits are retired so if you’re a newer fairy like me you’ll have to compromise certain outfits. Anyways Spring has totally arrived and I have decided to pick up a Spring/Summer job at Beck’s Animal Nursery. I’m in charge of organizing playtime for all the baby animals and I’m going to hold a toy drive at my house sometime in May. I have I full-grown adult hummingbird currently but perhaps I’ll shake things up soon if I take a certain liking to a particular animal friend in the shop. I have a friend who runs a great animal friend vacation service and she’ll feed your pets and all. I used to do that but I realized I was using up all of my ingredients so I now only occasionally feed pets. Well thats all for now guys! You’ll be seeing more of me now I hope! Why don’t we end with an adorable picture of my robo dwarf hamster, Squeak that I adopted from our local animal shelter a month ago!

Isn’t he just the sweetest? Bye!


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Vanilla the newest blogger on the block!

So Day’s been working on a BIG project lately! She was auditioning fairies to post on her blog. She found me, Vanilla. I was delighted to work on a blog with her and we have been working very hard to get things straightened out. Though she can’t post for awhile longer, I’m in charge of blogging and don’t check out MY blog! It’s nothing, just a way for me to be on Daylily’s blog! Took some time but hope its worth it!

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Let’s all send letters to the Never Council! If everyone wants it they might just bring them to the Post Office! By the way this is not my post it’s Marigold’s and I don’t take any credit for writing it.

Marigold's Musings

Flying around Pixie Hollow this morning, I couldn’t help but stop and linger in front of the beautiful dress on display in the Pixie Post Office…

Aren’t they gorgeous? Why aren’t these dresses available to purchase?!? The lime green top at very bottom of the picture (it’s kind of blurry – look directly below the short, pink dress) is available, but none of the dresses are in the catalog  😦  I love all 5 of them, because they are all so different from what is out there right now. I definitely would buy Pixie Diamonds to be able to have all of them!

The Never Council won’t create and release these dresses if I’m the only fairy asking for them. Join me, and send a message to the Never Council asking them to please release these beautiful fashions for Spring  😀

Please leave a comment below to let me know that you sent a message. I’ll post their…

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Meet and Greet

If anyone would like to do something in the Hollow today I will be on at 2:30 pm PST – 4 pm PST and then at 6 pm PST – 6:30 pm PST. I will be at Sunflower Gully on the Blooming Grove server. Please come!

Pixie Hollow Stories

I’m so sorry I have not posted in awhile! I really hardly have the time to do this. So I was thinking since I’m going to be busy all week long I could do something fun. Everyone has a story from around the hollow. Maybe it’s your Arrival Day, a fun party, any kind of adventure! Each day I will have a different category for stories. Please tell me your story in the comments below the post. I really hope this is a fun week with stories. Well I today the category is Arrival Day. Tell all about the day you first came or how you celebrate each year or maybe it’s how your friend celebrates! Also you can tell a poem about Arrival Days. And I guess I should tell you guys the calendar of when each category is. Once some people add a story I will post a schedule for the week so you can get your story ready! Even invite a friend to tell you in chat and tell everyone! Please send your stories!